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Practice Area: Professional Liability

Irs Issues Guidance Notice Classifying Synidcated Conservation Easement Transactions As “Listed Transactions”

On January 17, 2017, the IRS issued a Guidance Notice classifying syndicated conservation easement transactions as “Listed Transactions,” or presumed tax shelters. A conservation easement is an agreement between a landowner or investor, and a land trust or government agency that permanently limits development of the land with the aim of conservation. The restrictions are…
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Alabama Supreme Court Reverses Summary Judgment For Attorney In Legal Malpractice Action, Finding A Question Of Fact As To Plaintiff’s “Case Within A Case”

In Bond v. McLaughlin, 2017 WL 728176, — So.3d — (Ala. 2017), the Alabama Supreme Court reversed summary judgment for an attorney in a legal malpractice action, finding a question of fact as to whether plaintiff could prove her “case within a case.”  In an Alabama legal malpractice action, the plaintiff must prove that the…
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