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Highlights From The Finra 2017 Regulatory And Examination Priorities Letter

FINRA released its Regulatory and Examination Priorities Letter for 2017.  The letter provides information about areas FINRA plans to review in its 2017 exams based on observations from their regulatory programs, as well as input from various stakeholders, including broker dealers, other regulators and investor advocates. According to its letter, FINRA will be increasing its…
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Recent Case Involving Alternative Investments Receives Award For Respondent

Our firm recently obtained an award from a FINRA panel denying all of Claimant’s claims and finding for Respondents.  The claim (Arbitration number 16-01352) was filed in May, 2016.  Claimant alleged claims of unsuitability, breach of fiduciary duty, breach of contract, failure to supervise, violation of the Alabama Securities Act, violation of securities regulatory rules,…
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Finra’s Recommendations For Expedited Arbitrations

 FINRA allows for expedited arbitration proceedings in cases involving senior and seriously ill parties.  While there is no specific rule within the Code of Arbitration Procedure, once FINRA determines that a matter involves an elderly or ill party, the case is flagged as an expedited case.  FINRA then endeavors to complete the arbitration process as quickly…
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Forum Selection Provisions In Customer Agreements

FINRA released Regulatory Notice 16-25 reminding broker dealers that claimants have a right to request arbitration through FINRA at any time and do not forfeit that right by signing any agreement with a forum selection provision specifying another dispute resolution process or an arbitration venue other than the FINRA arbitration forum.                FINRA Code…
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Finra Issues Guidance On Use Of Stop Orders During Volatile Market Conditions

FINRA issued Regulatory Notice 16-19 in an effort to encourage firms to review their practices regarding stop orders.  Registered representatives often recommend stop orders as a tool for managing market risk.  Investors use stop sell orders to protect profit position in the event a stock’s price declines and stop buy orders if they have a…
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Sec Approves Rule Requiring Firms To Send An Educational Pamphlet To The Former Clients Of Their Newly Hired Representatives

SEC APPROVES RULE REQUIRING FIRMS TO SEND AN EDUCATIONAL PAMPHLET TO THE FORMER CLIENTS OF THEIR NEWLY HIRED REPRESENTATIVES The SEC recently approved the adoption of FINRA Rule 2273 which creates an obligation to deliver educational communication in connection with firm recruitment practices and account transfers.  The new rule affects financial firms that want to…
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