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Professional Liability


When professionals get sued, there often is more than just financial compensation at stake. Professional reputations and the ability to continue practicing in one’s profession may be on the line. Professional liability claims often require an aggressive defense to guard and protect that professional reputation.

At the same time, professional liability claims often present unique coverage issues that must be recognized by the client and counsel and successfully navigated. Until professionals get sued, most never have had to wrestle with concepts such as eroding limits, punitive damages, and mental anguish exclusions, professional services policy definitions, and hammer clauses. Most professionals do not have first-hand experience with how these various concepts affect the outcome of a professional liability claim. For these reasons, professional liability claims require counsel both with trial experience and experience in successfully navigating these claims in a manner that protects both the professional reputation and financial well-being of the client.

The Professional Liability Practice Group at LGWM brings over 20 years experience in handling all types of professional liability claims. Since LGWM’s inception in 1989, approximately fifty percent of the Firm’s work has been concentrated in professional liability defense for a variety of professional disciplines.

LGWM’s Professional Liability Practice Group has expertise in defending a wide variety of professionals in actions filed in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi and Tennessee. LGWM has experience defending claims involving insurance agents/brokers, lawyers and accountants, certified financial planners, investment advisors, securities broker dealers, real estate agents and brokers, real estate appraisers, home inspectors, title agents, mortgage brokers and debt collectors.