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Design Builders

The costs and complexity of construction projects have increased dramatically leading to a surge of design-build projects. As owners strive to minimize project risks and shorten the delivery schedule, Design Builders face unique challenges.

While combining design and building into a single entity facilitates better communication, single source accountability and reduces the risks for delay and budget overruns, Design Builders still face the same architectural and engineering challenges, with an added component of construction management.

While Design Build projects may be one of the oldest forms of construction, the law surrounding this model constantly evolves and presents new and unique challenges. LGWM’s seasoned team of design and construction defect attorneys possess in-depth understanding of the design build process, including the unique advantages and problems associated with it.

Our pro-active, creative approach to representing Design Builders can be seen in all phases of the design build process, from contract negotiation through project delivery and beyond. Whether addressing small design-build residential projects, commercial projects or large scale manufacturing and production facilities, LGWM is prepared to aid Design Builders with all aspects of their projects.

LGWM has represented Design Builders throughout the Southeastern United States. Our design build litigators have represented Design Builders at mediation, arbitration and trial.

Cases of Note

  • Represented Design/Builder in claims arising out of the construction of a $20 million Data Center. Claims against the Design/Builder involved differential settlement of the foundation slab and nonconformance with plans and specifications
  • Represented Design/Build company involving the construction of a $20 million commercial building. The owner claimed numerous defects in the building including roof failure, building envelope compromise and masonry attachment deficiencies. The claim encompassed both design and construction issues and involved amounts in excess of $5 million.
  • Represented Design/Build company who designed the HVAC systems for a condominium complex.  Issues involved the alleged inadequacy of the HVAC’s capacity. Claims against the company were approximately $2 million.
  • Represented a Design/Builder against claims related to the failure of the primary and secondary roof drain system, which resulted in the roof’s collapse. Claims against the Design/Builder were in excess of $4.5 million.
  • Represented Design/Builder which designed a helicopter hanger at a military post. After the hanger collapsed and resulted in the death of a subcontractor, claims against the Design/Builder alleged deficient design and construction.
  • Represented a Design/Builder which designed trusses used in the construction of a horse barn. The collapse of the barn resulted in claims of negligent design, fabrication, and inspection against the Design/Builder.