Architects & Engineers


Engineering disciplines are highly specialized and complex. Engineers need attorneys who understand their specific discipline and the risks and problems they experience during the design and construction phases of projects. LGWM understands these risks and brings its unique experience and knowledge regarding the engineering profession to meet these challenges.

LGWM works with its engineering clients from the design phase through construction – sometimes even years after project completion – to best position them should litigation arise. We work proactively with our engineering clients to find a cost-effective solution to their unique problems.

LGWM has represented engineers throughout the United States, including in Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, New York, Nevada and Tennessee. The firm’s attorneys have represented engineers in mediations, arbitrations, and in trials at both the State and Federal level.

Cases of Note

  • Represented engineering firm in dispute arising from construction of wastewater lift station in Florida.  The Plaintiff claimed multi-million dollar damages as a result of the failure to properly interpret soil boring data.
  • Represented engineering firm in dispute arising out of the construction of a Dollar General Distribution Center.  The Plaintiff claimed improper compaction and soil testing resulted in damage to the parking lot and concrete pad.
  • Represented geotechnical engineering firm in Atlanta where allegations involved the failure of retaining walls and mechanically stabilized earth walls associated with the construction of a school.  The issues involved the testing of the compaction and placement of the engineered fill.
  • Represented a civil engineering firm accused of negligent design, construction, and maintenance of the water drainage system for a subdivision.  Claims in the dispute exceeded $700,000.
  • Represented engineering design group in a dispute arising out of the construction of an IHOP restaurant.  Issues in the dispute involved whether the local building code required the installation of a fire suppression system.
  • Represented civil engineers against claims of breach of contract and indemnification related to the design of a large-scale airport taxiway. Claims in the dispute exceed $11 million.
  • Represented engineering firm which designed a 47-story hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Claims against the engineering firm alleged defects in the hotel’s structural support system.  Damages in the dispute exceeded $500 Million.
  • Represented mechanical engineering firm in state court against claims asserted by owner arising from construction of Surgery Center.  The issues involved HVAC controls, HVAC sizing, and the regulation of humidity.
  • Represented a firm responsible for the design of a 70 foot high MSE slope system involved in a failure to retain a $36 Million Dollar Shopping center.  Alleged damages by owner exceeded $5 million.
  • Represented geotechnical engineering firm in dispute related to differential settlement and cracking in the foundation slab of a major shopping center in Arkansas.  Claims against the geotechnical engineering firm include improper soil testing and failure to identify use of inappropriate materials in the placement of the fill.